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Ballroom dancing points and positions

Just some general notes

Some basic ballroom dancing points and positions
In traditional ballroom dancing, the male dancer is the lead and the female dancer follows. In all these dance positions, the lead directs the follow with body language and initiates the motion. The follow should never try to lead, nor anticipate the lead's next move.
These moves are all written in terms of the actions the lead initiates.

Dancing in a Closed Dance Position
The lead's left hand should have straight fingers pointing to the left with thumb up. The right hand rests on the follow's shoulder blade.
The follow's right hand should hook onto the lead's left hand. The left hand rests on the lead's shoulder.
The lead's right arm and the follow's left arm should touch at the elbows. There should be a small amount of pressure between the couple's arms so the lead can signal to the follow.

The Promenade Position
The leader should link the left thumb around the follow's right hand. Both dancers’ palms should face out.
The lead's right hand should rest on the follow's shoulder blade, exerting direction/ pressure with the heel of the palm . The follow's left hand rests on the follow's shoulder.
Both partner's hips should face out.

The Open Dance Position
This is a more relaxed position where the lead's hands are at waist height. The thumbs should be up and the fingers should face inwards. Take care not to wrap the thumbs around the follow's hands. The follow should hook both hands over the lead's hands.

The Apart Position
Dancers are not touching each other with their hands, and there is no point of contact between their bodies

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